Legal action to be taken by Michael Schumacher's family regarding AI interview.


Summary: - German magazine uses AI to simulate interview with Michael Schumacher, prompting legal action from his family - Article contained alleged quotes generated by AI, causing backlash from fans - Schumacher's family confirmed they will be taking legal action against the magazine - Growing wave of regulatory movements involving AI, with 12 EU lawmakers calling for safe and collaborative development of AI - Financial regulator in California takes action against companies allegedly using AI to deceive in the business world - AI used to impersonate other celebrities, with Universal Music Group reportedly concerned over AI-generated songs and copyright issues.

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The rapid development of AI is undoubtedly causing headaches for legislators and court systems globally as they struggle to deal with the technology.

A German magazine has used artificial intelligence (AI) to simulate an interview with former Formula One driver Michael Schumacher and now his family said they’ll pursue legal action over the matter.

The German magazine Die Aktuelle released on April 14 promised “the first interview!” with Schumacher since he suffered a serious brain injury in a 2013 skiing accident.

The front cover of the Die Aktuelle edition which, translated, says “Michael Schumacher the first interview!” Source: Funke

While the magazine did add the line “it sounds deceptively real” to the front cover, the article contained a series of alleged quotes that were generated by AI which was revealed at the end of the article, much to the disgust of many fans.

A spokesperson for Schumacher's family confirmed to ESPN and Reuters on April 20 that they will be taking legal action against Die Aktuelle.

The slated lawsuit follows a growing wave of regulatory movements involving AI as governments and courts grapple with how to deal with the rapidly developing technology.

Twelve European Union lawmakers have called for the “safe” and collaborative development of AI in a letter that asked for a universal set of rules on AI development.

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The lawmakers asked for a summit to be convened by European and United States leaders to discuss governing principles for the development, control and deployment of AI.

Others could be using AI to deceive in the business world. A financial regulator in California recently took action against multiple companies alleging one used AI to create an avatar that appeared as its CEO in YouTube videos.

AI has recently been used to impersonate other celebrities. A clip of rapper Kanye West purporting to perform a cover of Drake’s hit song Hold On, We’re Going Home recently went viral on Twitter, but the audio was actually generated by AI.

Media conglomerate the Universal Music Group is reportedly concerned over such AI-generated songs, having told streaming platforms such as Spotify to block AI-related services from able to harvest copyrighted media.

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